1. Sebago, Maine / Traveled up north to visit my new baby nephew, Brian. My mom was in baby heaven.


  2. Portland, ME


  3. Peabody, MA / One of my favorite things about New England is the fall. I spent the afternoon with the family at Brooksby Farm enjoying the crisp beautiful air.


  4. Central, Hong Kong / Souvenir shopping! Happy mid-autumn festival.


  5. Hong Kong / Preparation time!

    Being a maid of honor is stressful! I have just finished designing all of the paper pieces for the bachelorette weekend. I cannot wait to wind down and just have some fun! More photos of the entire design packaging will come shortly!


  6. Sha Tin, New Territories / Designer date!

    I’ve been meaning to go to the Studio Ghibli exhibit all summer long but the closing weekend was the extra push I needed to finally get off my ass and go. I stood there mesmerized by the genius behind Takahata and Miyazaki’s masterpieces. It was so amazing to see the sketches on paper and then to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes just to make a few seconds of each of the scenes. So much time, dedication, perfection and vision to make these amazing animations come to life. Completely blown away. at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.


  7. Can birthdays always be this pretty?

    Happiest 25th to our very talented designer, Swing! Hope you are overwhelmed with all of the love today. You deserve every ounce of it.


  8. Singapore / Annie Leibovitz exhibit

    After a few months in Hong Kong, you start to go a little bit stir crazy. So I took a mini escape to Singapore for the weekend. Luckily for me, Ms. Leibovitz was on show. I know her mostly through her commercial work so it was really nice to see her personal photographs on display as well. It is quite powerful when a single photograph can grab you, make you feel and completely take your breath away. My love and admiration for her continues to grow.  — at the ArtScience Museum


  9. Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon / Sunday adventures.


  10. Causeway Bay, Hong KongA wet market kinda day.


  11. Hong Kong / It’s junk season again!


  12. Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong / Happy Fourth!

    Holidays are the hardest abroad. Thankfully I have my Hong Kong work family to celebrate with me. We took a tram ride from Central to Sai Ying Pun to indulge in some good ‘ol American food. Ribs and a pint of Boston lager - yep, that should ease the homesickness a bit. — at Awakening Cafe.


  13. Hong Kong / I did my FIRST Hong Kong hike! Aww mannnn, it just showed how completely out of shape I really am. I was huffing and puffing and gagging before I even started the hike. So we took a much flatter path along the Tai Tam reservoir.


  14. Macau / Happy birthday to my dearest Frankie! I cannot imagine my Hong Kong life without this girl. She is definitely one in a million. <3


  15. Macau / The eating doesn’t stop here. This big bowl of noodle was the perfect cure for a hangover and the very beginning to a very gluttonous buffet meal.